About us

Agrose d.o.o

from 2018

The company Agrose d.o.o started its work in 2018. After many years of growing tame rose hips through the agricultural farm and the Plantaža šipka Petrović brand, our desire for healthy products motivated us to enter entrepreneurial waters.

Our imperative was to make healthy products while preserving nature. We can proudly say that we are one of the few family companies that works following the principles of circular economy and zero waste movement.

Our vision is for our products to be of high quality, and at the same time controlled from the field to the table.

Therefore, we often say that we borrow and not take from nature.

Ulje od šipka za kožu

Our products

fresh from our plantation

Agrose - brašno od šipka


Agrose - džem od šipka


Raising rosehip plantations

Plantation maintenance


Planting material

Raw rosehip

Fruit puree

Additional services

zero waste

The Agrose company provides services of raising rosehip plantations, plantation maintenance, pruning, through us you can also provide planting material.
With a desire to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who is interested in growing cultivated rose hips, we are open to cooperation and providing individual consultations on raising and caring for plantations, pruning and securing seedlings. You can also acquire raw materials from us, in the form of rose hips or mashed fruits.


the story of Agrose

To find out more about the story of Agrose, watch the recordings of our guest appearances on TV shows, as well as the press reports on Plantaža šipka Petrović: