Rosehip seed oil

Hladno cedjeno ulje od koštice šipka.

Rosehip seed oil

bottle 30 ml

We can freely say that oils are the basis of every face and body care product that help maintain moisture in the skin and at the same time protect it from harmful external influences. The best vegetable beautifying oils are carefully combined to mimic the natural oils present in the skin, and their function and effect of application depends on their composition. Agrose has included in its product range all-natural rosehip oil, obtained by cold pressing and controlled raw materials. Preliminary preparation and the processing process itself are designed to preserve the most valuable components used for skin care. The chemical composition of Agrose oil is characterized by a high percentage of fatty acid extracts (methyl linoleate and methyl oleate), which have an irreplaceable role in preserving the skin's natural barrier. The natural ingredient in rosehip oil is vitamin E, which is part of Agrose oil with about 14%. The pronounced antioxidant properties and nutrients of vitamin E make wrinkles and scars disappear, and give the skin a flawless appearance. What exactly does antioxidant action mean? This means that vitamin E has the power to neutralize free radicals that are created as a normal consequence of aging, cigarette use, excessive sun exposure or polluted air, which damage the skin and destroy collagen, reduce elasticity and lead to wrinkles. So vitamin E protects our skin from premature aging much more than any other vitamin. It is also a very effective means of quickly relieving the painful symptoms of sunburned skin. Squalane is an ingredient very similar to the natural oil that our skin produces (sebum). According to its chemical composition, squalane belongs to hydrocarbons such as petrolatum and mineral oil, however, squalane is obtained from plants, so it is a good alternative for those who avoid the above two ingredients. Agrose oil contains about 2% of this ingredient and is very important for the skin's natural hydration. Phytosterols, ie. plant sterols are a group of cholesterol-like compounds, and at the level of cellular structures they represent its functional counterpart. So, what is cholesterol for our cells (a structural element of the cell membrane), are phytosterols for plant cells. Agrose oil contains sit - sitosterol with an incredible 17%. ₿ - sitosterol soothes, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. It has a preventive effect on drying the skin, and continuous use leads to positive effects when it comes to alleviating various signs of skin aging. Because of all the above, we are always happy to say that Agrose oils are the elixirs of youth.

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